Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE™)

We all carry emotions from past events in our lives – whether it be shock, grief, fear, devastation (to name a few) – we store these emotions in our physical body as well as in our energetics.

We dampen them down, persuading ourselves that we have dealt with the event and the emotions until our body can’t function fully with the burden of the emotional weight we carry.  This build up of trauma and events can leave us feeling out of control and vulnerable.


The emotional weight causes disease and disorder on a physical and mental level which is not picked up by an X-ray or scan.


DARE™ practitioners use specific tools to clear these emotions from wherever they are stored to bring the body back into synchronicity and balance helping to alleviate pain and allow the body to heal itself.


DARE™ sessions can Dissolve and Resolve the emotions so they no longer impact on your physical and energetic health, so they are no longer a trigger to pulling you back into the mire

of struggle, fatigue and leading to depression.



Disorders which can be helped:

  • Addictions

  • Anger / Rage / Fear / Hurt / Guilt

  • Abuse (sexual, physical and verbal)

  • Miscarriage / Termination / Infertility

  • Anxiety / Grief / Depression

  • Blocks and long standing problems

  • Fatigue

  • Organs and limb pain and discomfort

  • Self esteem / self worth

  • Insomnia and Nightmares – including bed wetting

  • Birth trauma / Childhood problems

  • Physical and psychological disorders

  • Relationship issues

  • Post natal depression and PTSD

  • OCD and comfort eating

  • Parental relationships – taking on parent’s emotions and patterns from birth

  • Removal and balancing of spiritual and energetic imbalances, voids, disconnection and attachments